Personal Growth

What Is Personal Growth and Why Is It So Important?

Personal growth is a significant process that leads a person to develop himself or herself to gain some vital qualities to his or her personality. It’s defined as a process of improving your acquaintance and growing your norm identity, boosting your latent talent. It continuously makes a lot of necessary changes to your activity and attitude. If you think of your mind and your body as the only tools you have for touching your target then think of personal growth as the thing of sharping those tools so that they are as well suitable as possible for the effort of reaching your goal. Mainly personal growth is a formation structure of a person’s identity which consists of characteristics, behavior, skills, knowledge, etc.

Here are some examples with brief descriptions to clarify what personal growth is given below.

Personal Growth

Keep calm/controlling anger: Many of us become too angry about any kind of simple issue. An acute temper is always a sign of insanity. A proverb says, “ He is a fool who cannot be angry, but he is a wise man who will not.” Keeping anger under one’s control is a sign of wisdom. In order to maintain one’s personality in front of everyone, it is essential to avoid getting angry unnecessarily.

Overcoming Procrastination: Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons behind our failure. Almost all of us have this habit. It’s a negative power that kills our valuable time and makes us lazy to do anything important. Because of it, we don’t want to do our job at the right time. We leave our work without working, which makes us lazy. And laziness cripples us. Due to this we often deviate from our target. We are always in search of how to Overcome Procrastination. Steven Pressfield mentions the easiest answer in his book ‘The War Of Art’. He says that one has two lives. The life we live and the other one is that unlived life within us. And between the two is the thing called the defense. And that is the secret of winning over procrastination. Now you need to find out the time and the reasons that make you lazy. Then you have to take important steps to prevent this from happening. Only then will you be able to overcome procrastination.

Leading life as a responsible person: There is no alternative way for being responsible in life. Because the importance of responsible people in all aspects of life is more essential. Responsibility is when a person determines the proper responsibilities of every subject and position in his life and performs the duties accordingly. His own conscience helps man to be responsible. Values are created among people at the urging of conscience. And the sense of responsibility is determined by the proper use of these values. When we review the history of human dignity and the excellence of humanity, one of the main issues appears before us. And that is the main feature of humanity is responsibility. The first condition of being a responsible person is to stop blaming. Remember, those who blame can never be responsible and responsible people never get the time to blame anybody else. If you want to work with responsibility, there will be many obstacles. Responsible people look down on those problems. They do not shy away from their responsibilities and seek solutions to those problems. 


Although many poets, writers, and researchers disagree on the meaning of life in different places, what they all agree on is to benefit others. Professor Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist based on years of research, said, “Life is about taking responsibility, being responsible. So be responsible, take responsibility, and lead a life with heroism.

Stay up to date and develop new skills: If you want, you can’t change yourself in a hurry, it takes a lot of time. You have to change yourself gradually, you have to take the challenge step by step. You slept at night, woke up in the morning, and said I have changed, is it really possible? If you really want to change yourself, then, first of all, you have to give yourself time. Take note and start writing down what you want to change. In the beginning, you need to find out the difference between yourself and others. You need to find out why you are lagging behind. Then you need to focus on the issues that are missing in yourself. When you start pointing at these things you will notice that you too are slowly updating over time. You have to master everything right now, not that. You have to move slowly. If you go ahead in a hurry, you will miss a lot of things that are already missing you. Then you will be under more pressure. So keep moving forward without rushing and one day you too will become a role model for others.

Positive Mindset: Have you ever wondered why some people are always good no matter what?

No matter how many obstacles life throws at them, they always occupy the top spot.

However, there are a large number of people who, despite having many great benefits, are not able to formulate a plan and implement it. And fail. But successful people do not succeed just because of luck. There are some achievable skills that you can master if you succeed. One of them is the positive mentality. Competence and talent will only take you up to a certain level. But the rest will depend on your mentality. Positive thinking is one of the most important parts of success.


We have discussed in detail above what personal growth is and how it can be done. After a thorough discussion, we find that each of the above topics is related to each other and complements each other. Comparing one’s life to a ladder in terms of personal growth would be a beautiful plan to move forward on every subject. Then every step will be visible in front of us. It will be easier to understand which step to take after which step. And we can move forward in life by developing our personality through a routine.

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