Digital Signature / Digital Signature Awareness

Digital Signature Awareness:

With the advancement of current technology, We are experiencing Or discovering new phenomena every days.  Awareness of  Digital signatures is essential to identify the discoverers of these events. In that case it is important to determine the structured format of the signature along with the person’s name or ID. This enables the development of refined and sophisticated signatures of individuals.
 Only signatures with date can provide important information later on in determining the true inventor or ownership of art, Helping to ensure accurate identification of that person for generations to come, and immortalise that inventor. Therefore awareness of signatures is essential to identify all these inventors. And so there is no alternative to acquiring and using a digital signature along with the real person’s name.

What is Digital Signature:

Digital signature is a structured proof of identity used in important activities. For example, We can say, Digital signature is equivalent to a Handwritten signature.  Which basically revolves around ensuring the provision of information on priority basis of three issues.  They are: Authentication, Non-repudiation & Integrity.

 Uses of Digital Signature:

Currently, the use of digital signatures has gained popularity among e-mail users.  Although there is a tendency to sign by traditional marks.  But to prevent any kind of forgery or fraud the use of digital signature should be ensured in matching with the real name of the person.  However, in the globalization of technology, how much less time can the effective use of digital signatures be ensured in important matters such as the adoption of paperless MOU/MOA, or software distribution and its use, in other important matters including financial transactions.
   And so now is the time to work on the right solution. In that case, to prevent forgery, or fraud, of course, there is no alternative to the use of digital signatures in combination with the real person’s name.To trust the new possibilities of using technology, the signatures with the name and date of the person is much more effective in preventing such fraud.

Digital Signature Management:

  In today’s technological world, a person’s unique identity is one of the most important representations of a digital signature.  As a Bangladeshi creative entrepreneur, with the reality of Bangladesh Government’s announcement of Digital Bangladesh in 2021, I believe, my formal digital signature initiative will mobilize many important global digital activities in the world, including Bangladesh in a much safer more secure and faster in effective manner.
However, as far we know the Bangladesh government signed an agreement with South Korea in 2011 to form the first Digital Bangladesh. As a first initiative on that journey, the agreement was to help Bangladesh government ministers achieve paperless office management capabilities. That’s why the Bangladesh government has signed on to turn the Ministry of Establishment into the country’s first digital office with the help of the South Korean government.  Almost a century has passed since that journey as a digital office management initiatives. With the goal of creating a digital Bangladesh, various initiatives are being carried out at the government and private levels.
It goes without saying how much digital proficiency is required to run a paperless digital office. In that case, the constant acquisition of new digital knowledge and its proper management to ensure safe uses is a struggle everywhere. Through these initiatives, people are constantly taking new initiatives to raise themselves on the digital journey in their business as proof of ability. Where data analysis has to be done to manage new information.
Furthermore, New things are important to discover, along with the sharing of new ideas. Basically, all these things are being conducted in the initiative to keep the digital way more feasible and safe in the world of current technology, And that’s why digital signature management is the demand of the time as a witness of the future of digital business.
 However, we have come to a technology-dependent time where everyone has to be connected to technology in some way, whether they want to or not.  Either in our work management or for personal reasons.  And keeping these things in front, the use of real digital signatures to perform any important work without any worries gives mobility to people with time. Because In today’s time, people prefer to celebrate anything through digital means.  This makes it really difficult to remember later who is appearing on what topic. That’s why a digital signature is important. And The digital signature of this real name will be one of the means of gaining trust in paper less operations by providing authentication certificate for all activities of people’s.
 For this reason, any type of fraud or mishap can be avoided by ensuring the formal form of digital signature created and used only with the person’s name or ID. And that’s why obtaining real name signatures by using Rokeya’s  signature solution tools is so important nowadays. Because if you want, it is possible to carry out important work or execute any contract using the formal digital signature of your name from anywhere, subject to proof.

Authentication Verification Criteria:

 Acquiring the formal version of digital signatures in various fields including financial activities will enable the future generation to play an active role in the world of technology in a more flexible security and will bring intelligence in the digital walk.  Because most of the time, fear of being cheated on the digital platform, even if important issues come to the fore, many people refrained because of the lack of secure verification in authentication. And most of the conscious people thought that using phishing links is a new trick to endanger.  However, by ensuring the use of real-name digital signatures in the future many of these problems can be avoided.
  Finally, in the midst of so many frauds and to prevent any kind of forgery or fraud, genuine digital signature is able to bring back the right hope in all the activities of the digitization world subject to proof. That will encourage future generations to be more flexible, confident and secure in their use of technology.


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